If the terms "multi-cultural" and "multi-faceted" could be applied to anyone, it would be most appropriate for this author.

Louise Baier-Manousakis was born in 1948 and has lived, studied and worked in Manila, San Francisco, New York, Stuttgart, Spain and Greece. Trained first in the Fine Arts and later in Interior Design/Space Planning, her relentless pursuit of knowledge and of learning new things led to advanced career horizons in Retail Management and IT.

Louise has always had a strong work ethic, a passion for creating, a love for drawing and writing, and an entrepreneurial spirit all of which have motivated her to always be her own boss. In 1982 she launched the interior design firm Baier Design Associates in San Francisco, subsequently held executive positions at Abraham & Straus, Bloomingdale┬┤s, and Waverly Home in New York, Breuninger Gmbh. in Stuttgart, and for the last 2 decades with her husband had co-owned and directed Zen II Net ( in Spain. In addition, she is Co-Director at Zen II Books (, and was the original Creative Director at Swedish sites and

Being an independent and curious person, she has chosen to write about what she knows best and has personally experienced. These books are examples of that:

*S.M.A.RT Biz - Volume 1: The Bare Necessities: An Innovative Guide to a Successful Small Retail / Service Business

*S.M.A.RT Biz - Vol. 2: Develop-Grow-Succeed!: An Innovative Guide to a Successful Small Retail / Service Business

*Cybercafe Chronicles: Real stories of life observed

Her single desire continues to be to share her knowledge with others and to encourage the emergence of latent talents in all people; her work through Zen II Books has helped facilitate the private and public writings of several people whose works otherwise would have never been known...including one of her own father's previously unpublished works :

"Under the Shadow of the Rising Sun: Invasion - Occupation - Liberation"

She is an avid supporter of a healthy environment - both personally and globally, simplicity and quiet living, and continues to help and nurture anything with a heartbeat - including plant life! Louise is a person who never stops wondering, learning, discovering and improving her way of life, thus her philosophical interest in other cultures as well as love of birds and healthy home cuisine are currently the bases for two forthcoming books.

Louise, her husband and bird family have recently moved permanently to Greece - the Land of the Gods, the birthplace of so much of our socio-political environments.

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