Every book project we have undertaken has required its own special cover art. In most cases, books were for non-commercial use, and as such, their cover art was not directed to the buying public; these covers were not designed for selling purposes. Regardless of who the reading audience is, we believe that the cover should reflect the sentiment of its content thus creating an emotional and visual connection between the interior content and exterior visuals.


When considering cover art, it is important to remember that PRINT version requirements differ from an EBOOK’s; PRINT versions are viewed and handled by humans while EBOOKs exist only on a single plane: a creative virtual scrolling page. It is also important to keep in mind that EBook readers tend to “jump” into the content without paying too much attention to the graphics of the book whereas PRINT book readers tend to view the book as a whole – visuals and content together; appealing to this reader is much more sensual.


Our artistic style tends to be simple, clean, to-the-point yet warm and inviting to the reader. We believe the rear cover of the book is important too and is part of the entire edition so we treat both front and rear covers as a whole unit, unlike many designers who have different visuals from front to rear where their main focus is only on the cover. As for type of media used, well, it runs the gamut from digital art to the fine arts of watercolor, pen and ink, and pencil…everything depends on the type of project and what the author sees as a true interpretation of his/her book. We never use “cookie cutter” design methods because we believe in the originality of every project; no two will ever be alike unless the author wishes.




Once we know what you have in mind, we prepare 3 preliminary concepts which include the front, spine and reverse covers...we believe in treating all cover art as a whole, not as individual pieces. After your review and discussion with you, we proceed with the one concept you prefer and prepare a semi-final design. A final review is made for your approval, and we continue with the book-making process.

Most writers have the content of their books ready but rarely have any artwork for their cover.... in fact, many writers have not thought far enough ahead about the "face" of their work. If you are one of these writers, we can help you.


We ask for your thoughts on the way you envision your book on store bookshelves and as en E-book. If your book is for personal printing only, we ask for the feeling you want to convey to the reader. The more input we get from you, the better the cover art.


Our background in fine and graphic arts as well as architectural drawing, plus the database of digital information we access all provide you with the skills and expertise needed to create the right cover for your book.


If you have included any kind of art or photography in the content of your book, it needs to flow with the entire feeling of the book.....including the cover if necessary and logical.


Thus we prepare and set up the interior design/artwork of your book with the overall feeling in mind. The end result is a volume of work that is cohesive and conveys all that you as the author choose to convey.



Each project is unique and made-to-order. Some projects are more complex than others so accurate estimates can only be made when we know what your project involves. Depending on what your book entails, we will provide you an accurate estimate prior to beginning the work.


COVER ART price begins at €150.00 per project

INTERIOR ART prices begin at €135.00 per project







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